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Here you will find tutorials and blog posts related to all technical stuff that I wish existed when I started or when I was looking for it. I hope you have fun and enjoy the read.

Learn how to self host your Next.js app
Next.js is a wonderful frontend framework to create web applications. If you want to deploy your app and make it publicly available, you can self host it on your own servers. I will show you how this works.
Mini Tutorial on how to add Linux users and give passwordless sudo superpower. 💪
If, like me, you only need to create new users on Linux systems every now and then, this little tutorial with examples will be helpful to you from time to time.
Learn how to Set Up and use Cronjobs with crontabs on Linux systems.
Cron jobs can be used to automate processes on Unix and Linux systems and execute them recurrently at a specific time.
Learn how to upload files using the react JavaScript Framework
If you are creating web apps and tools, you come to a point where you need to upload a file from users browser to an server. In this little tutorial, you will learn how to upload files using the react JavaScript Framework. I show you how to select the file, process it and upload it to an remote server.
How to get started with the version control system Git and use it in your daily work
Today, almost no software project is possible without a version control system. The most popular software for this purpose is Git. This tutorial is my try to teach you how to use Git for your own work. It is also a reference you can use in your daily routine with Git.
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